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page xli :: "Darren Nattinger" is misspelled in Acknowledgments (we're so sorry, Darren).

page xli :: Glaring omission: "To Lisa Wells, author of the original LabVIEW Student Edition and co-author of the original LabVIEW For Everyone with Jeffrey Travis (back in LabVIEW version 4.1!). Her work inspired this series of successful LabVIEW For Everyone editions."

Chapter 3

page 44 :: The second sentence of the second paragraph (below the Note) incorrectly refers to Figure 3.4 -- it should refer to should Figure 3.3.

Chapter 4

page 102 :: At the bottom of page, should say Should say "Click on the enter button on the Toolbar" instead of "Click on the enter button on the Tools palette"

Chapter 5

page 160 :: In Activity 5-1, step 4, 3rd sentence should state "Now double-click on the error, or click the Show Error button." It wrongly states "...or click on the Find button."

page 179 :: In Activity 5-2, step 7, 1st sentence should state "Now bring up the Help window by choosing Show Context Help from the Help menu." It wrongly states " choosing Show Help from..."

page 180 :: The Block Diagram shown in Figure 5.31 should look like the one in Figure 4.41 (page 138).

Chapter 6

page 187 :: pseudocode should say, "While condition is TRUE" instead of "While condition is NOT TRUE"

page 195 :: inside the LabVIEW hint call-out (grey box) at top, "manner" is misspelled as "manor"

Chapter 9

page 411 :: Figure 9.42 incorrectly shows a block diagram, similar to 9.42. It should show the front panel.

Chapter 13

page 606 :: Activity 13-8 step 1 incorrectly refers to Figure 13.64. It should refer to Figure 13.62 that shows the cluster before Temp was added

page 617 :: Figure 13.76 incorrectly shows a duplicate of Figure 13.75.

Chapter 15

page 723 :: very bottom of page mentions Web Server, which is discussed in Chapter 14 "Advanced LabVIEW Data Concepts" should read Chapter 16, "Connectivity in LabVIEW".

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